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Making an offer on a house

When you've found the home that you want it's time to make an offer, we then sit down and I provide you with current market information that will assist us in drafting your offer.
I then present your offer to the seller, or the seller’s representative, on your behalf. Occasionally there are more than one offer on a property at the same time. This is known as a multiple offer situation and I would explain in detail the offer process and guide you through.

Elements of an Offer

Offer to Purchase or Agreement of Purchase of Sale - a legal document which specifies the terms and conditions of your offer to purchase a particular property. The offer you make can be Firm or Conditional.

Firm Offer - An offer proposing to purchase a property without any conditions. If a firm offer is accepted, the house is yours. A firm offer is most preferable to the seller.

Conditional Offer to Purchase - Means that you have placed one or more conditions on the purchase, such as “conditional on home inspection”, “conditional on arranging financing”, or “conditional subject to sale of purchaser’s existing home”. The agreement is not complete until all the conditions have been met.

Once your offer to purchase has been presented, the seller has the option to accept the offer, reject the offer, or return with a counter offer. The counter offer may be a reflection of the price, the proposed closing date, or the conditions contained in the offer.The offer can go back and forth between buyer and seller until both parties have agreed to all the terms or one of you ends the negotiations.


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Understand what type of Real Estate Market you are facing as a Buyer

Acceptance of the Offer